Manufacure a box




It is easy to manufacture a box.


The idea is based on cutting a groove in e.g. the plywood that is to become the bottom, sides and lid of the box. Using the clips and the groove, you will combine the sides to a box.


For description of box and groove, see pdf. Drawing Example box and

Drawing Tolerance box.


A simple and cheap method to create a groove is to start from the sawn sides and after that cut a groove using a chip cutter or saw blade.


A simpler and quicker method is to use an extra saw blade to cut the groove at the same time as sawing the format.       


A complete box often requires a pallet or wooden blocks for the handling of the box.


For pallets and wooden blocks, see pdf. Drawing Pallet A, B, C  


Download drawings 

Drawing Example box
Drawing Tolerance box

Drawing Pallet A

Drawing Pallet B

Drawing Pallet C





   Sliding table saw with pneumatic 
    pressure beam

  19 mm between format and a saw blade
  Two saw blades (one for the format and one for
   the groove) on the same shaft

  Chip cutter used to cut a groove
  Pallet A
   Nailing a pallet 
   Groove in plywood and OSB with clips             
  A box made of  9 mm soft plywood